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"Everything is possible for him who believes. - Mark 9:23"


Salamat dito :)

Why you Should Believe in Yourself


1. You matter. Your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, wishes, longings, fears, anxieties – they all matter.
2. There is no-one else like you. You can play a unique role in the world and in other peoples’ lives. The world will be a poorer place without your own very special contribution.
3. You were made to be loved, wanted and treasured. It’s not just a matter of accepting or putting with who you are. You were meant to be valued and cherished by others.
4. You were made to live a full and happy life.
5. You were made to have purpose and to go after your dreams – to feel that you achieve and your life is meaningful.
6. Your life is a gift – it is given as you matter. You’re a beautiful person. Be all that you can be.

Brotha :)

Mahirap i-printscreen ang birthday greeting mo, Brotha. Kaya magpopost na lang ako ng reply ha.

"Kamusta ka na? sana okay ka palagi. At lagi kang masaya."

Okay lang naman ako. Ikaw ba? Hindi man ako parating masaya, okay lang yun. Normal naman na maging masaya o malungkot. Dumadating talaga sa buhay na kailangan kang subukin. Kaya ikaw, be strong din ha.

"Salamat sa pagiging mabuting ate sakin na laging nandyan kapag nagtext ako. Thanks for being a good sister even though I don’t know you personally…yet.. By that simple ta/fm/dm and tweet. We became closed friends like we’re siblings. Thank you dahil kahit wala akong ate dahil all boys kami ay nandyan ka para maging ati-atihan ko. Thanks to tumblr dahil nakikilala kita.:)) I really am thankful that God has sent you for me."

Huu. This part of your letter grab my heart. May worth din pala ang existence ko, feeling ko kasi nobody appreciates, yknow. Yan nakakaemo na. kdrama. haha

"Ngayong bday mo. Sana maging masaya hindi lang ngayon at sa araw araw pa. Matupad mo sana lahat ng pangarap mo sa buhay."

Hindi lang dapat ako ang maging masaya dapat we will, eventually. Matutupad din ang mga pangarap ko, sana yung sayo din. Huwag kang makakalimot. :P

"I may not support you personally but I hope that using my prayers I could help you with all your problems as nakababatang kapatid. Thank you Ate chu sa pagiging mabait na ate ko. I miss you much. Happy birthday ulit. God bless. :)))"

I’m a proud sister here. Thank you for remembering me on my birthday and considering me as your Ate. I really treasure it. Thank you so much. Study hard and always keep your focus. Thanks for the prayers and for making this message special. Take care always. God bless you. - Ate 

one-wasted whispered: Happy Birthday po. :)

Salamat sayo! :)

meyjunejuly whispered: Happy birthday ateng ganda! Ako unang naggreet nun. Super advance. Hahahaha. God bless mwa❤

Late ko na to nabasa. Thank you Mey! :* God bless you, too.

Hello inbox. Good afternoon. :)

1. If you want to sing out then sing out. Scream and run around with your hands in the air. Live.

2. Take it all in. Remember your childhood in the smell of a candle or the dust floating around in a movie theatre projector. You are here and you are living and I’m so glad. Breathe.

3. Write down everything that amazes you. Write what you love, what you want to be, what makes you believe in magic again. Dream.

4. Respect everyone’s decision. You wouldn’t like it if someone disagreed with what you like. Hug people who need it and don’t judge that girls life choices even if you hate her. Don’t call that boy a douche even if he did hook up with those girls at that one party. Others find it hard to cope with Mondays too. Love.

5. Do not be afraid to crack a joke. People are often so damn serious and dull. Never be worried that laughing will get you judged. You’ll get judged for staying quiet either way. Show you found something uplifting. Laugh.

- 5 simple steps to living, breathing, dreaming, loving, and laughing. Sincerely, Blossite (via blossite)

inlovesaskater whispered: Happy Birthday! :)

Salamat. :))

ynesterday whispered: happy birthday po ate <3

Salamat. Anong pangalan mo? <3

“I told God a lot about you, then I cried.”

- everytime  (via makulaynadoodoolero)

hugotlord whispered: Birthday mo pala? Hahaha. Happy na Birthday pa! :)

Parang ang dating… Birthday mo pala? Libreeee na yan. :D De, salamat po!

“Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. Fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love.”

- (via made-inbelgium)

prinsesang-maton whispered: Happy birthday po! God bless :)

Salamat po. God bless you, too. :)